Dicehead DCC

The unnamed thief headed back to The Purple Rose with Elijah and a different crew. Bursting through the front door of the joint, they are immediately set upon by pirates of the Church of the Purple Rose. Despite Kosh’s inept elven casting, quick work was made of the drunken lot. The ruckus created, however, drew the rest of the lot from “upstairs”.

The crew set themselves up to ambush the pirates that were about to come through the locked door from the other room. The bodies quickly piled up in the doorway as they fought through the throng of pirates.

Highlights of this single fray included:

  • the unnamed thief throwing a dagger into the back of a level zero, killing them instantly
  • a dwarf grabbing a spear and impaling one pirate
  • another level zero shoving said dwarf into ANOTHER pirate bringing the impaled pirate count to 2 (spear-ka-bob)
  • one pirate who was bashed, almost impaled and took a dagger to the face courtesy of the dagger-happy unnamed thief STILL managed to live and got taken prisoner

The crew found that the portal upward which they had previously rigged locked and shut had been bashed open and the portal downward had now been triple locked. After grilling the prisoner and looting the bodies, two keys were found to the locks.

Three level zeros went upstairs to poke around the pirate’s living quarters to look for the third key. After searching through the wardrobes which resulted in one taking a spear-trap THROUGH the face (which didn’t kill him) they happen to see the key just lying on a table.

After some rum-based first aid and a briefing of what was below, our heroes decide to MacGuyver up a huge pointy torch thing consisting of rum, pirate rags and a board with a nail in it.

Secured by a grappling hook and jury-rigged pirate rag rope, one of the level zeros went out to the middle of the first rope bridge and lit up this gigantic fireball and tossed it over the side. Seeing this, Elijah panicked and lunged for the end of the torch to grab it before it went over causing him to fall with it. Despite a valiant attempt to snare him with the grappling hook and rag rope, he went careening to his fiery awful death in the gaping may of the giant leech sarlacc pit monster. This act just served to piss off the monster which subsequently started going berserk and bringing the ship down. This drew the attention of the pirate ghouls from the cave who tried to get at the crew but met their end thanks to a rum-based fireball taking out the rope bridge between them.

They bolted out of the ship as it was sinking inch by inch and all but the last guy made it out. But to his credit, at least 50% of him got out before it stopped sinking. At this point, one of the halflings decided to take out the drunk in the crow’s nest out front while the unnamed thief released daggerface into the wild to tell his guys who was responsible for this.


Kyle’s unnamedReputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose

Aaron’s Kosh BolotReputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose

Roger’s Lilian RayneLEVEL 1 HALFLING Reputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose

Robin’s Rio RayneLEVEL 1 HALFLING Reputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose

Sam’s MattLEVEL 1 CLERIC Reputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose +KICKASS FACIAL SCAR



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