Dicehead DCC

Well our fateful dcc soon-to-be heroes set off on a quest for EZ money to exterminate a raccoon or two in a foreclosed home. Payment was contingent on not messing the place up too badly. It quickly escalated into much more than what was expected. The house turned out to be booby-trapped to the teeth, the man owed money to more than just the property holder and the raccoon turned out to be a giant fire-breathing demon raccoon.

Highlights include:

  • starting a fight with a bread poltergeist
  • feeding a chicken bits of the poltergeist bread and having it immediately crap out a slime monster
  • initiating a fight with Carnoli Mob henchman and allowing one to get away
  • a farmer almost getting tranced into a ritual possession with a doll containing the soul of the previous homeowner, Felix Feldexter, but somehow the farmer succeeded and killed(??) the doll
  • finding evidence of Felix’s weird kinky private life
  • finding and destroying an altar to Danzaborou (they all got cursed)
  • killing one of Danzaborou’s minions which turned out to be a gigantic fire-breathing horned raccoon demon thing

Needless to say they failed to get paid said EZ money due to massive damage in the house including but not limited to- holes in the ceiling, almost burning down the house, blood and .. worse ALL over the place. But all was not lost, our almost heroes did manage to leave with some of the things they found in the house (for better or worse) and enough experience to reach level 1!


- Felix Feldexter’s foreclosed home


Kyle’s unnamedLEVEL 1 THIEF Reputation: -5 Carnoli Mob, -3 GCPMG, -2 Danzaborou

Rachel’s BroachLEVEL 1 ELF Reputation: -5 Carnoli Mob, -3 GCPMG, -2 Danzaborou

Kim’s CobbLEVEL 1 CLERIC Reputation: -5 Carnoli Mob, -3 GCPMG, -2 Danzaborou

Travis’s Korn (khorne carn??) – LEVEL 1 WIZARD Reputation: -5 Carnoli Mob, -3 GCPMG, -2 Danzaborou


Magic Box (Level 1 Wizard Spell)



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