Dicehead DCC

The new level 1s ventured forth into Gordon to get information and gear. The unnamed thief traded two cursed coats to some shady guy in an alley for some better gear and also tried to get back in good with Danzaborou. Cobb fed the masses on Temple Row garnering favor with his church and god. He also went door to door spreading the good word and picked up some additional adventurers to boot.

The gang found themselves at the Crossroads Inn and Tavern where the picked up some info on the surrounding areas as well as a noble who was willing to pay decent money to retrieve an heirloom from a pirate ship stuck sideways into the ground. The ship had been converted to a sanctuary by the Church of the Purple Rose who are supposedly a gang of thugs running under the guise of a church for tax reasons.. or something.

They traveled west to The Purple Rose and tried to interact peacefully with the pirates but that went south fairly quickly. After killing some, sleeping one and locking a bunch upstairs, our heroes ventured downward.

Coming across a rope bridge, they dropped a candle way way waaay down into the mouth of a GIGANTIC leech-mouthed horror at the bottom of the ravine. Holes in the ship opened upon a series of caves where our fateful crew ran into strange undead fishmen pirates. Clutching his pine tree air freshener, Kim’s cleric helped to divide the force and the crew made quick work of the enemy.


-Temple Row
-Crossroads Inn and Tavern
-The Purple Rose


Kyle’s unnamedReputation: +1 Danzaborou, +2 Following of Danzaborou, -5 Church of the Purple Rose

Rachel’s BroachReputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose

Kim’s CobbReputation: +1 Ildavir, +2 Conclave of Ildavir, -5 Church of the Purple Rose

Travis’s Korn (khorne carn??) – Reputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose

John’s (whoever he wants to promote) – LEVEL 1 (something) Reputation: -5 Church of the Purple Rose



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