Throdd the Slayer

"Hither came Throdd the Slayer, blond haired and wild eyed, great sword in hand, an outlaw, a reaver, a sword for hire. A right mean bastard set loose upon an unsuspecting world."


Throdd the Slayer. AKA Throdd the Lover, AKA Throdd the Negotiator, AKA Throdd the Mutant, Etc.
Class:Warrior Former Occupation: Outlaw
Level: 2nd. Alignment: Neutral

Strength – 18
Agility – 12
Stamina – 13
Personality – 14
Intelligence – 8 Languages:Common
Luck – 14 :Born on the Battlefield. Luck mod. to DAMG. rolls.

Combat Basics:
Initiative : 2
Action Dice: d20
Attack: d4
Crit Die: d14
Crit Table: III

Ref Save: 1
Fort Save: 2
Will Save: 1

AC – 15 Chainmail (1d12 on Fumble)
Hit Points – 25
Luck Mod. – Two-Handed Sword

Treasure of Note:
2 Golden Candelabras
27 Silver
3 gold


Throdd comes from a region not on any map. That is probably due to the cartographer assigned to map Throdd’s homeland being killed in a most brutal manner available to the natives at the time. Throdd was born to a barbarian tribe that claims the Plains of Fire, nestled in the Peaks of Frozen Spears and surrounded by the Bog of Doom and Soul-Sucking Dispair as their home. Throdd was born the battlefield while his clan was fighting over hunting rights. The shaman of his tribe deemed this of significant meaning, but he also forecast that where a chicken pooped had something to do with the weather.

Throdd spent his early years learning the ways of his people. Hunting, fighting, slaying, herding halflings, slaying, drinking, slaying while drinking, raiding merchant caravans, and trying to impress women. Upon his 20th year, Throdd’s tribe raided a merchant caravan and in their list of stolen loot, Throdd found a young scullery maiden named Talia. She was the most beautiful woman that Throdd had ever seen. Unlike the women of his tribe, she was soft, her hair was red like the flames of the evening sun, her eyes where like the moon, and she had all of her teeth. Throdd intended to claim her as his prize, but was denied when the chief decided she would make a great 5th wife.

Throdd, enraged that someone else would have what he had stolen, challenged the chief to a fight to the death in front of his clan. The chief accepted and turned away to get his great axe. Throdd not being very familiar with the protocols associated with fights to the death over a woman picked up a large rock and broke it over the chief’s head. As the tribe stood back in shock over Throdd’s actions, Throdd grabbed Talia and ran for it before anyone could act. Banished from his people for his actions, Talia explained to Throdd that she would be his IF he would return her to her village. The deal was made and Throdd left his tribes lands for Talia’s.

Upon arriving back to her family home, Talia’s father, a farmer, agreed to the deal that his daughter had struck and married Throdd to his daughter. He then put Throdd to work on his farm, a fate that Throdd decided was much worse than facing death at the hands of his concussed chief.
Throdd spent the next few months attempting to be a farmer. Mainly he spent that time drinking and listening to travelers tell stories of the strange and far-away places they had seen. His life with his wife became unbearable since she withheld her pleasures from him for weeks at time, not to mention the constant nagging.

Having his fill of married life and being a farmer, Throdd packed up his few things and left in the middle of the night. While sneaking across the fields, he came across a PORTAL UNDER THE STARS and embarked upon his first real adventure. Successful and with actual coin, Throdd traveled across the known world for a several months before finding himself in the city of Gordon. Here Throdd decided to begin seeking a life of high adventure and slaying.

Throdd the Slayer

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