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  • spawnpoint

    Spawnpoints are notable locations that have been located and/or explored. The party can choose to start from any unlocked spawnpoints. Spawnpoints unlocked thus far: [[Felix Feldexter's House]] [[Crossroads Inn and Tavern]] [[Temple Row]] [[The …

  • Crossroads Inn and Tavern

    This Inn and Tavern is located about 4 miles above [[Felix Feldexter's House]] and about 5 miles west of [[The Purple Rose]]. It's pretty much the nexus point for all of the villages in the northern greater Gordon area. The vast majority of traders have …

  • Temple Row

    Temple Row is the main religious center in the city of [[Gordon]]. It's a street located in the northern part of the city which is lined from east to west with open temples and altars. The bigger more lavish temples are on the western end of the street …

  • Creepy Pete's

    Less than reputable establishment in [[Gordon | East Gordon]] run by [[:creepy-pete | Creepy Pete]]. This place sells sexy children's clothes, makeup and possibly more. More than likely has various underworld connections as well.