Gordon is a sprawling urban metropolis. Anything and everything can be had here if one knows where to look. There are many guilds based out of Gordon. Due to the population density, gangs are quite prevalent as well with some gangs holding more sway than the local authority in some areas of the city.

The city is divided up into 5 geographic sections North, South, East, West and Inner Gordon.

Temple Row is in North Gordon. There are a lot of stores and housing for average citizens here.

Chamberpot Alley and Creepy Pete’s are in East Gordon. This is a very poor and dangerous area of the city. The River Effluent runs through this section of the City.

The Floating Quarter sits above the River Pristine in Inner Gordon. The Discerning Doe is located in the Floating Quarter. Inner Gordon also includes the main legislative and ruling center on the north side of the River Pristine. The Hall of Rectitude where bounties are collected is housed here.

The River Pristine runs through West Gordon.


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