Magic Box

wizard/elf level 1, range-touch, duration-varies, casting time-1 action, save-none

general- this spell requires a container no bigger than the caster’s level in cubic feet (ex level 1 – box no bigger than 1′×1′×1′). the box has to be enchanted in a ritual that must start under the light of a full moon and takes 1 uninterrupted week. the caster may place anything into the container that will fit and the spell will magically alter it

manifestation- 1d4 (1) the box disassembles and reassembles itself hellraiser style (2) the box jumps and jostles around making goofy cliché sound effects before a DING! is heard and smoke rises from the seams (3) the box disappears and reappears slightly different (4) strange glowing purple runes circle the box while otherworldly indiscernible chanting seems to emanate from nowhere before it all fades into the surface of the box

corruption- 1d6 (1-3) minor (4-5) major (6) greater

misfire- 1d4 (1) the box becomes a gateway to some horrible dimension for CLx2 hours (2) the thing in the box and all things in any box within 10 to the CLth power feet of the caster break, melt or disintegrate (level 1 = 10 feet, 2 = 100 feet, 3 = 1000 feet, etc) (3) the thing placed into the box immediately becomes placed inside the caster instead (4) the thing inside the box gains 10 intelligence, telekinesis, telepathy and an unquenchable thirst for murder

NOTE with the exception of the 4th misfire, magic box cannot return life or give sentience
1 – lost, failure and worse, 1d6 modified by luck (0 or less) corruption + patron taint + misfire (1-2) misfire (3+) corruption

2-11 – lost, failure

12-13 – failure but the spell is not lost

14-16 – the thing becomes slightly cleaner than it was before

17-19 – anything broken in the box becomes whole again

**20-23 – the thing becomes slightly better than it was before by 1 step (harder material armor, slightly longer or sharper blade, potions are slightly more effective, etc)

**24-27 – the thing becomes slightly better by 1 more step

**28-29 – the thing gains a minor enchantment for CLx5 rounds or in the case of consumables it multiplies itself CLx2 times

**30+ – the thing gains a minor enchantment permanently or in the case of consumables it multiplies itself CLx10 times

**if at any time the thing in the box grows larger than the box can contain, it either destroys the box or the box destroys it whichever makes sense

Magic Box

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