Thanks for stopping in! This is the central hub for all the goings-on in the Thursday night DCC campaign at Dicehead Games in the Bradley Square Mall in Cleveland TN. Game time is 7-9pm Eastern.

The playstyle is fast and loose and the game is simple enough to pick up anyone can drop in at any time. If you see us at a table, JUMP IN!!

The game is by-the-book DCC for the most part but check out Experience and Creating a new character because they’re handled differently. Also check out Spawnpoints and Reputation.

CURRENT PLAYERS: check out the Rumor Mill, the Bounty Board or Help Wanted for leads on further adventures.

Feel free to poke around the wiki, you’ll find dead bodies, new magic spells, pissed off gangs, and all kinds of other fun stuff! (ALWAYS under construction)

Lastly, check out the Adventure Log tab up top to see the story thus far and know that YOUR MIGHTY TALES CAN ALSO GRACE THESE HALLOWED ANNALS!!!!

Hope to see you there!

Dicehead DCC

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